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Why Should You Use an Estate Sale Service?

Many people choose to run their own downsizing, moving and estate sales; however, there may be a number of reasons that it would be beneficial to use a liquidation service.  A good liquidator will have a number of resources, marketing pathways and knowledge of current markets that the average individual will not have. These connections and years of working in the field will bring value to your sale that will nearly pay for the service that is being provided.  Secondly, because this is our primary vocation, we have the time to research, clean, tag and market your items...time that you may not have if you have a full or even part time job.  So often, people in the process of cleaning out a home become fatigued and rushed and may overlook or throw out valuable items that are quite "salable".  We go through every greeting card, book and box and clothing pocket to check for money and valuables that are then turned over to the owner. Thirdly, in any life change that causes you to consider a sale, there is usually an underlying emotional drain or stress, whether considered good or bad.  So often we meet with families that have no idea where to start.  Let us visit with you and point you in the right direction!

Our Services

Here's a quick rundown of how the service works:

1. You call us for a free consultation.
2. We meet you at your home or business to determine what needs to be sold and date the sale needs to be completed. There are no upfront costs unless a we require a dumpster or we inform you that special cleaning services are needed!
3. You review contract and we both sign the agreement.
4. We clean, stage, research and price your items for sale.
5. We set the sale date and market the sale on our website; social media; on online sites; in the local newspaper; if needed, and by use of street signs.
6. During the sale we use a cash register with a tape that corresponds to our inventory sheet and we collect all applicable state taxes.  
7. After completion of the sale, we will suggest local charities that will pick up items or you may wish to donate to a charity of your choice.
8. We enter the sale inventory list into the computer and provide a detailed list of your items sold.
9. After review and approval of the inventory list, we deduct all applicable cost according to the contract and your percentage of the sale is given or mailed to you.  

Before and After Pictures - Staging for a Sale

So often, prospective clients are overwhelmed with the belongings that are in one home and worry that we have never seen a job this big!  We specialize in situations where people have accumulated years worth of personal and/or business belongings.  Here just a few examples of our staging transformations to get the home ready for a sale.

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